Two female scientists of our institute returned from training in Japan
Between May 21 and June 8, 2022, Independent researcher of the institute, Atajonova Saidakhon Borataliyevna, as well as Turgunova Nadirakhan Bakhadirovna, the 1st stage basic doctoral student trained in Japan in June. During the trip, visits were made to "FANUZ" Uzbekistan-Nagoya Commonwealth Association, Gifu branch of "Japan National Technology University", "Nagoya", "Nanzan", "Chubu", "Kyoto", "Hokkaido" and "Toyo" universities. Together with university professors, they got acquainted with scientific laboratories and libraries. They also participated in exhibitions of large Japanese manufacturing companies. Thermotic 2022 is also Japan's largest quadrennial exhibition on "Environment, Heat, Future - The Challenge of Thermal Technologies for a Sustainable Society", featuring 190 organizations from 13 countries by industry. got acquainted with the news. (11.06.2022)

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